Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Lavinia wears a pair of beautiful Gucci boots, sass & bide shirt and cape and sunnies by Céline.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


There's plenty of old stuff in Rome obviously and you should probably try to see a lot of it if you haven't been before. But one of our favourites is the Map Gallery at the Vatican. Maps are cool as is but old maps are even cooler, especially when they are painted by Renaissance artists along the entire length of a huge gallery and embelished with gold details and intricately carved ceilings (more on that coming up later). While you are there, break away from the stream of tourists on their way to the Sistine Chapel, to admire the Vatican's largely ignored modern art collection.

Coffee is seriously good all over Italy but two places we love are Sant Eustachio and Tazza d'Oro. Both just around the corner from the Pantheon, in opposite directions, so grab an espresso at either after sightseeing.

It's ridiculously easy to find good food in Rome as long as you avoid the tourist traps which are easily spotted. One of our best meals in Rome was at the cute little Ristorante Broccoletti in Monti. Relatively inexpensive, one of the highlights was the Orecchietti Pugliese with peppers and salted almonds. Rome is also the home of Carbonara which is a must-eat while there. The pastas are great obviously, but don't miss out on the awesome contorni dishes as well.

Rome is a city that really rewards aimless wandering. We love to spend afternoons meandering from one area to another, stopping for coffee, food or vino along the way. Around every corner there's a historical monument, market, exciting shop or Bernini sculpture. It's a pretty inspiring environment.

Monday, 15 December 2014


Monique wears a Helen Cherry sweater, vintage waistcoat, Alexander Wang skirt and boots from Opening Ceremony.

Sunday, 14 December 2014


While the individual pieces of Mia's outfit were simple, the overall look was striking. The striped top and the yellow skirt were both from ASOS. Her clutch was from Zara.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


Barcelona was another stop on our recent European tour. It is home to many works by one of our favourite architects of all time, Antoni Gaudi. Even if monuments aren't normally your thing, his creations are just out of this world and you will marvel at his creations such as the still uncompleted Sagrada Familia and the beautiful Parc Güell. Definitely worth checking out.

For us, food (and drink) is always very high up on the agenda and a trip to Barcelona wouldn't be complete without a visit to La Xampanyeria, a bar serving Cava (the Spanish version of champagne) and tapas where you can feel an atmosphere that we imagine would have been how local bars were back in the old days of Barcelona; rustic, buzzy and truly delicious.

For another eating experience that you won't forget, head to the gritty neighbourhood of Poble Sec, a popular destination for the locals. We spent a whole afternoon on Carrer Blai, a street lined with tapas bars where we hopped from bar to bar eating delicious tapas (for 1 Euro each!). Reserve an afternoon for this activity!

When we visit a city, we love to explore it's surroundings and if a trip to the beach is what you feel like, head to the beach town of Sitges which is about 45 minutes out of Barcelona by train. Wander through the tiny alleys of the town until you finally end up at one of 17 beaches in the area! Also make sure you have a walk around the Eglesia de Sant Bartolomé i Santa Tecla church where you have an awesome view down on Sitges and normally find a local strumming on a guitar.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


We loved the layers of this killer look by Margaret. Her leather jacket and skirt were both by Dion Lee. Her shirt was by Michael Lo Sordo and her shoes by Givenchy.

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