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What can we say about Paris that hasn’t already been said? Everything you’ve ever heard about Paris is true. Except the one about how the French are rude. On the contrary, we found everyone we came across to be polite, friendly and really quite lovely. So what is there to do in Paris?

Yes, it’s obvious but go to the Louvre. You could spend a week and still not see everything but if you have half a day like we did, we thoroughly recommend the Egyptian collection and Napolean III’s apartment.

It would be very poor form to not spend at least one afternoon checking out the incredible shopping in Paris. The Marais is always worth a look, one of our favourites there being L’Eclaireur which stocks a bunch of amazing labels including Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcon and Ann Demeulemeester. Of course, Paris is also home to a stack of luxury labels who have incredible flagship stores here. It’s well worth strolling down Avenue Montaigne or Rue St Honore, even if it’s just to window shop. Not just a rack but an entire store, three levels of Lanvin, and that’s just the menswear? Yes please.

Now that you’ve blown all your money on shopping, you need a cheap form of transport. Paris’ Velib bikes are a great way to get around the city and soak up the atmosphere at the same time. There are bike stops all over the city. You can hop on and hop off all day long and the cost will still be in the single digits. Plus it counts as exercise which helps out with the next thing…

Eating. There are way too many food musts to mention them all but some of our favourites in Paris include eclairs from L’eclair de Genie, the ever-changing market menu at Pirouette, the croissants everywhere (several throughout the day is perfectly acceptable) and the incredible degustation menu at David Toutain. Also potatoes. They don’t call them French Fries for nothing. Paris really knows how to cook potatoes.

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